Accomplished media designer and photographer Dietmar Temps lives in Cologne, Germany and has amassed almost 20 years in the media business. His first professional position as a photographic assistant took him through whole Europe and across the pond to America. After that he studied photo and media technology at the Cologne University of Applied Science. Currently he mainly realizes photo and internet projects with the focus on travel photography, social networking and video streaming.

On his travel blog he writes about beautiful spots around the world which he visited in recent years. He realized many photo trips to Africa, but also to South America and Asia. On his website a series of photo galleries are available where he presents his photographic work, which also is published in many books, magazines and travel blogs.

If you are interested in sharing pictures of this website, please keep in mind, that all rights are reserved. For commercial purposes please contact Dietmar Temps or visit the image galleries on Shutterstock and Getty Images. The price for publishing depends on the image and the commercial purpose.

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Dietmar Temps
Photography and media design
Cologne, Germany