New feature on the travel blog: the photostream

Last week I published a new feature on my travel blog: the photostream. The photostream shows all public photos in a stream, independently from galleries or blog posts. On the right side of the stream it is possible to filter the images depending on different categories, for example 'Africa', 'Black & White' or 'Landscape'. From time to time I will update the photostream with new images. In the next couple of weeks pictures from Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Ethiopia are following. 


The fullsize view of the stream opens the pictures in the size of the browser window. The photostream will not replace the galleries. However, I work on an update of the galleries as well. But this will still take several weeks.

Stay tuned!

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11/05/2012, emi:
I love those portrait. All the wrinkles are so beautifully captured.
Please keep updating.

07/09/2012, Jesse:
I think I like the idea of focusing on photo contents on your blog. But it would much a beauty if you can have the best photos in your homepage.
07/08/2012, laura:


I love your blog. You should continue.