Working for an NGO, Livingstone, Zambia

In December last year I worked for a NGO in Livingstone, Zambia. My intention was to get an impression how the time of a volunteer would be and so I decided to add a whole week working for a community after a three week trip starting in Cape Town, then to Namibia, Botswana and finally to Zambia.

The Scottish missionary explorer David Livingstone was the first European who explored the Zambezi river and the Victoria Falls in the year 1855. After 1900, as a nearby settlement grew into a town, it was named 'Livingstone' in honour of the explorer. Livingstone is also known by a second, but more informal name, 'Maramba'. Actually Maramba is the name of the river flowing on the eastern outskirts of Livingstone, and a large township next to it. But the name is also used for a number of places in Livingstone and has even been proposed as a new official name for the city as a whole.


My job as a volunteer took place mainly in the township Maramba. I worked in community schools as well as on small community farms. Whenever our small white bus with the volunteer team entered the township, the kids followed the bus singing and shouting 'Mozungo, Mozungo'. 'Mozungo' means 'white man' in the language Nyanja, which is spoken of the tribes in the south of Zambia.

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