Santorini in Black & White

The Greek island Santorini located in the southern Aegean Sea is famous for the beautiful small villages, the white buildings and the blue roofs of the countless churches and chapels. The colors are simply marvellous, and it is great to discover the strong geometry of the houses, roofs or architectural details. First I thought it is impossible to take pictures from the island in Black & White, without the typical blue color, but meanwhile I think Santorini in Black & White works very well:   


Usually I like the long light best for taking pictures, this is the time one hour before the actual sunset. And I heard about the famous sunset in Oia, the beautiful small village in the north of the island. In Oia one or two hours before sunset it works like that: thousands of tourists are walking to the sunset point, which is the area around the Oia Castle. At that time every available seat, wall, step or patch of the ground is occupied. Everybody would like to watch the famous sunset, which is considered by many as one of the most beautiful in the world.

But sorry to say that, the sunset is nice, but in my opinion somehow mediocre. At least if you already have seen spectacular sunsets in Africa. The reason for that: the humidity of the island is too high for a crystal clear sunset, and the chance that clouds at the horizon are covering the sun is very high. On the other hand, if you are sitting in a small taverne in another village let's say Imerovigli, without any tourists, enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sunset without expecting the world most spectacular sunset ever, you certainly could have a wonderful relaxed and casual time.